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How to Pick a Blog Niche In 3 Steps

The first thing that the experts tell you is that after you have decided that you want to start a blog is that you must find your niche. A niche is a small section out of a more prominent topic.

Here are some examples of niches starting with the topic then broken down into the bite-sized chunk.

1) Health and Diet            2) Animals                      3) Travel
Losing Weight                   Cats                                  Tropical Beaches
High Protein Diets             Cat Furniture                    Cancun Beaches

In the examples: High Protein Diets, Cat Furniture, and Cancun Beaches are niches.

Why Pick A Blog Niche

The importance of picking a niche can not be overstated. A niche allows people to find the information they are seeking quickly and efficiently. It also allows them to see another post that might interest them. Having an array of related posts will enable the reader to stay on your blog longer and increases that chance of a conversion (a sale).

If your blog has no focus, then you will limit your readers’ interest. When I first started blogging, ExpertI created a blog that was focused on all my interests. I had posts on self-help, herbs, animals (all kinds), budgeting, parenting advice, and travel. It was way too much, and my readers would bounce from my website as a result.

Now, I offer my customers a more engrossing experience. I keep my topics related, which creates natural backlinks between articles. It also allows the people who come to my website to find the answers quickly and easily.

And it identifies me as an expert. Think about it this way, when a pipe breaks in your bathroom whose advice are you more likely going to take first, that of a plumber or that of a handyman?

Getting Rid Of The Myths

There are several myths that surround niches. I want to take a moment to discredit them. Getting wrapped up  into these mindsets will limit your growth and potential. Your blog should be your happy place. It should be the place where you are the know-it-all and where people are coming to see what you have to say. Believing these myths, will have you a hating blogging and dreading writing.

Myth #1: That you have to choose a popular niche to be profitable.
Nope, nope, nope. Do not fall for it. The fact is every niche has the potential to be profitable, just like every niche can be unprofitable.

niche profitWhat makes the difference is you. If you have followed my steps to picking a niche, I can promise you there is an interest in your niche. I can make the promise because you are interested in your niche and you are not alone.

As long as there is an interest in your niche, there is money in your niche. To access that money, the other people have to trust you. They are only going to trust you if you come across as an expert.

The reader can also tell if you love what you are writing about. They can feel the passion and excitement that you express while creating your content. Moreover, they see you as one of their own, and that is how the trust begins.

Myth #2 You must be a writer to write a blog.
Again, uh-huh. You must know how to write, but most of us learned that in the third grade. The fact is most people do not like to read correct textbook grammar.

They prefer English, that is conversational. They want to hear your voice. So, do not worry about following all the grammar rules, just write and be yourself. Now with that said, do not underestimate the power of proofreading.

If you are anxious, some software will help correct your mistakes so you can focus on writing. Grammarly is my favorite and has a free version. Check it out here.

Myth #3 You will run out of things to write about if you niche your website.

If your niche is something you are genuinely interested in, you will never run out of writing topics.

Any topic can be broken down into different categories allowing there to be hundreds if not thousands of projects. From writing how-tos, reviews, recommendations, explanations, latest news and well it is unlimited. You can be writing about the topic for years to come.

Do not get wrapped up in the myths and do not let fear control you. It is easy to pick a niche. Here let me show you.

Step 1 On How to Pick a Blog Niche

First, I want you to make a list. Get a pen and a piece of paper or if you are like me open notepad on your computer.

Make a list of everything you are interested in, every hobby you have, everything you enjoy, everything you are, everything you know. Yes, this will most likely be a long list.

Example List:

Dovey’s Interest and Expertise:

  • Travel
  • Animals
  • Health and Diet
  • Psychology
  • Sewing
  • Shopping
  • Gaming
  • Sewing
  • Parenting
  • Marriage
  • Computers

Step 2 Now You’re Getting It

Rank the list from what excites you the most, and what you know the most about to the least.

You should now have two columns. It is OK if some of the topics ended up on both sides. In fact, that will make the whole process easier.

You are going to want to write about something you know a lot about and that you have a passion for.

Now only keep the top three categories on each list.


Passion:                                   Expert Knowledge:

Travel                                        Health and Diet
Animals                                    Travel
Health and Diet                       Animals

Step 3 You Almost Got It

Now we are going to take the top three of each column and break them down into smaller chunks. This step is where things are going to get a little tricky, but this is an important step.

Take the first thing on your list and think about it. Break it down into subcategories. Now break each of the subcategories into smaller pieces. This is where your niche lies, in this third level.

niche example

You do not want to go smaller than that because you will have a micro-niche which is not good. But if you choose a topic from a higher level, your niche will be to board.

Look at your list: Is there something that speaks to your soul? Is there something that is in both columns? Is there one subject that sticks out the most? That is your niche.

Now, there may be more than one niche that you are considering. You are going to be writing on this subject for a long time. You are going to create hundreds of post and become an expert. Pick the one that you have the most knowledge and are highly passionate about.

What is the one topic you want to be known for? Pick that niche. There is no right or wrong answer. Remember, we busted the myths. Every niche has the possibility to make money. Every niche will attract readers.

Now That You Found Your Niche

You’re ready to create your blog. You are prepared to start writing and building your online business from the ground up. Congratulations.

Starting a blog is easy. If you want to get the best training and join an active community of bloggers, check out my review of what I consider to be the comprehensive training in the businesses.

I believe that you are going to do amazing things. I can not wait to see what your blog becomes.

Please let me know how you found your niche or share any niche finding tricks you know in the comments below. Finding a niche can be one of the most challenging obstacles when it comes to starting a blog. Every tip can help.

As always be the light in the world,
~ Dovey

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