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Grammarly Review – The Best Grammar Checker

The key component of a successful blog is content. I told you in my post ‘How to Pick a Blog Niche In 3 Steps‘ that you did not have to be a professional writer to blog. That still holds true, but you do have to write and build content. That content must be readable to your audience. If your post is full of incorrect grammar, spelling mistakes, and inferior sentence structures, your readers are going to bounce faster than when I ask my kids to do chores.

That is why using the best grammar checker available is crucial to your success.

The whole point of blogging is to have readers, even if in the end, you want to make some money. Readers are what will convert, but first, you must build trust. Unfortunately, because of shady people, a lot of individuals are wary when it comes to buying online. Even when you are writing an honest review that is meant to empower and help them, such as the review you are currently reading.

The first way to gain that trust is by showing your reader that you have taken the time and energy to make your post look and sound professional. By professional, I do not mean stuffy and boring. I mean free from spelling and grammar mistakes. You can still write in your own voice, but the voice you use when you want the person to respect what you are saying.

Luckily, there is a tool out there that can take your writing to the next level with minimal effort on your part. Let me present Grammarly which is without a doubt the best grammar checker on the market today.

About Grammarly- How it works

Grammarly is a group of products that use AI (artificial intelligence) to detect grammar, spelling, Best Grammar Checkerpunctuation, and word choice. You can log into Grammarly through your web browser to utilize the Grammarly’s editor. As you write the program will run a sophisticated algorithm that will find errors and make suggestions on how to fix those errors.

Grammarly will provide you with detailed reasonings on why they feel their suggestion is correct so that you can make an educated decision on rather or not you want to make a change.


I write, “This grammer checker is just great.”

Grammarly let me know that I missed spelled ‘grammar’. It also tells me that I can eliminate the word just because it creates vagueness. The suggestions do not stop there. It lets me know that ‘great’ is overused while giving ideas to replace it. I can choose which proposals I want to take while dismissing the others.

The corrected sentence is, “This grammar checker is exceptional.'”

Much better.

Grammarly does not stop at having its own editor. It offers browser extensions as well. This is a must if you are going to be active on social media. My facebook, tweets, and pins all maintain a professional appearance. A side bonus, I do not trigger any grammar fanatics by mistaking their for they’re.

The best part of the extensions is that Grammarly works within my WordPress, allowing me to create my content in one step if I choose to do so.

Personally, I prefer to write in the editor then copy over to WordPress for two reasons.

  1. Grammarly gives me an assistant that tracks my goals, my overall score as well as other statics. It will Best Grammar Checkercheck for plagiarism as I type. I can, for a fee, send it to proofreaders.
  2. It allows for easy access to my suggested corrections as they are in a column beside my text. This enables me to correct my mistakes on the fly; it also keeps me from repeating the same errors.

Enhance Your Writing Today!

Features- More Than The Best Grammar Checker

Grammarly has several different elements. Some we have already discussed such as the extensions. But there is more.

Grammarly offers an essential grammar rule guide. The easy to use guide allows you to click on the part of grammar that you have questions about, such as adverbs, commas, abbreviations, metaphors, passive voice, and more.

Each topic is fully explained in an easy to understand way. Examples are provided so that you can see what is being discussed.

The company also offers a blog full of useful articles designed to help you tweak your writing skills. Topics range from inspirational, how-tos, to product suggestions. The blog alone would be a magnificent tool to have in your tool chest.

There is a newsletter that you can sign up for if you like getting tips in your inbox. Since Grammarly is a trustworthy company, you do not have to fear things like spam from them.

All these bonus features, from what I deem to be the best grammar checker, are free.

All The Support You Will Ever Need

On top of the free features, I mentioned above, Grammarly takes the user experience to the next level. They provide complete support, although they do not offer phone support yet.Best Grammar Checker

They do have a comprehensive ticketing system if for any reason you need to contact them. You would only have to use the system if you could not find your answer in the extensive support section. 

In the support area, you can find answers to almost all of your questions. The categories include:

  • Account basics
  • Payments and billing
  • Resolve issues
  • About Grammarly
  • Tips and tutorials
  • Business and schools

A section is located at the top, which has featured articles that cover the most common problems that people need help with.

I had to use the system once due to no longer having access to an email account that I used for signing up. The issue was handled quickly and efficiently by their 24/7 support team.

How To Get More – Free vs. Paid

Grammarly offers levels of membership. There is the free version which offers critical spelling and grammar check. This level also checks for conciseness. Having your writing checked for both of these things is essential. Your writing will enhance and become more readable just by using the free membership.

However; if you want to be a professional blogger, the premium version includes: Best Grammar Checker

  • Readability
  • Vocabulary enhancement suggestions
  • Genre-specific writing style checks
  • Plagiarism detector

It is these additional checks that will make your writing phenomenal.

I have been a premium member of Grammarly for years. It is what got me through college with a 3.5-grade point average. This grammar checker is what has allowed me to sound like I have a college education                   ***Get You Membership Now***                 while posting on social media. It has allowed me to write business plans, emails, and resumes that sound professional.

Now, it lets me write my blog posts without glaring mistakes and the vocabulary of a third-grader.

Just like Wealthy Affiliates, I started off as a free member, but it did not take me long to see the value of upgrading.

The Importance of Using a Grammar Checker

I believe that through this post, I have stressed the importance of using a grammar checker. But it is such a necessary tool that I feel the need to dedicate a whole section to it.

A grammar checker can be the difference between someone reading your post to the finish or moving on after the first paragraph. If a reader can not decipher what you are trying to say to them, they are not going to hear your message. That is the whole point of creating a blog, getting your message out there to the people who need it.

As I said before and reiterating now, people will not trust you if you do not take the time to show them that you care. The first way to show them that you care is to make a little effort and ensure that you’re putting your best grammatically correct foot forward.

On To The Recommendation

If it is not apparent by now, YES, I recommend Grammarly. I have never found another spelling and grammar checker that offered so much. Even in the free version, it blows the competition out of the water.

In the premium version, I am not even sure it has competition. You will notice that I did not put anything negative in this review. That is because I do not have any real complaints. Ok, that is not true. I wish they had phone support.

When all I can say that is wrong with a company is that I wish they had phone support so that the business that I have been using for several years now could fix my one issue. Well, that alone is a glowing recommendation.

My opinion is that Grammarly is the best grammar checker on the market. That premium is worth every penny. My writing would not be anywhere near what it is without Grammarly. Grammarly is the most valuable tool in my tool chest.

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Tell me what you LOVE about Grammarly in the comments below.

As always be the light in the world,


2 thoughts on “Grammarly Review – The Best Grammar Checker”

  1. WoW! What a post. I have been using Grammarly’s free version now for about 6 months. (In fact, it is working right now as I type). Reading this review makes me want to go out and check the paid version of it.

    I use it not only in my everyday life but at my work creating proposals. Since spelling and grammar are not some of my strong suits, I went out and researched a program to help. I wish this article had been out there when I first was looking it would have saved me hours of researching before settling in.

    Dovey thank you for posting this.

    • You are most welcomed and thank you for stopping by. I am glad that this review helped you. Grammarly is by far the best. I am glad that you found the review helpful.

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