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About Snoozy Mom

Thank you for stopping by!

Welcome to the Snoozy Mom blog. I am glad that you dropped by and decided to learn about me. I am Dovey aka The Snoozy Mom.

I have been a blogger and affiliate marketer. I am also a teacher who does a little online coaching on the side.

I created Snoozy Mom to be a blog for bloggers who are interested in quitting their day jobs and turn the blogs into money-making machines.

Snoozy Mom

If this resonates with you, you're in the right place:

The alarm clock starts to blare at 6 AM. You pull yourself out of bed begrudgingly and begin your day. 

You slide into uncomfortable and itchy clothes, grab a piece of toast to eat on the drive and kiss the spouse and kids you barely get to see. And head out the door an hour before you have to be at work because you know the traffic is going to be killer.

You get to your job late again. It takes ten minutes for the dinosaur of a computer to boot up, and you wonder why the CEO can get a new yacht, but God forbid you get a computer that was built in this decade.

Your inbox is full of pointless emails, and your calendar is full of meetings that you have no desire to attend.

You begin your mind-numbing work when your boss comes by to yell at you (again) for something that is not your fault. He then proceeds to push half his responsibilities on your already full plate so that he can yell at you again when it is not all done on time.

You call your spouse to tell them that you are going to have to work late. This leads to a fight putting even more strain on your relationship.

You finally trudge home at 8 PM. You missed getting to read to your kids, your dinner is cold, and your spouse is even colder.

It is 11 PM before you get to crawl into your bed and dream about a better life…

Yeah, I have been there and done that. I never thought I would escape that vicious cycle.

But I did, and I created this blog to help you do it too.

Where Snoozy Mom Begins

The birth of this blog starts in 1997. I was a database programmer that worked in a cube farm. Every day was like the one above.

It was eating away at my soul. I spent my nights and weekends looking for a way out. I was determined to find something, anything that could pull me from this dead life.

In 2002, I got into email marketing and building websites filled with ads. I followed one ‘guru’ after another, only to watch my dreams go further and further away.

Snoozy Mom

I then became a Search Engine Evaluator and learned what search engines such as Google and Yahoo were looking for. With this new-found knowledge and all the lessons I had learned from falling for scams and ‘get rich quick’ schemes. I started changing the way I did business.
It did not take long, and I started to change my life.

First, I got into the dropshipping racket. Once I mastered that, I turned my personal blog into a money-making machine. Sold it, and did it again.

In the last few years, my eyes have turned towards affiliate marketing, and in my first three months, I am already making money.

It was only here recently; I joined Wealthy Affiliate. As an active member, I was shocked to see how many people still struggle, how much bad advice is still out there, and how hard-working individuals such as yourself are falling through the cracks.

I knew I could help them and you. So, Snoozy Mom was born.

How Am I Going To Help?

There are four ways that I am going to help pass on my hard-earned knowledge.

1) Through regular blog content: (Expect New Content: 2-4 times a month)
Posts will contain reviews on all the tools I use and How-To Articles

2) Through An Email A Group AKA The Following (Expect New Content: About Once a Week)
Emails will include Common Mistakes, Identifying Myths and Misinformation, Busting Through Roadblocks, Best Marketing Methods and so much more

3) Wealthy Affiliate- The Platform I using for coaching (Expect New Content: 2-4 times a week)
One on one help and a free marketing guide, plus access to my WA blog that is full of helpful advice and milestones.

4) My YouTube Channel (Expect New Content: Weekly)
Here you will find lessons and where I will answer questions.

How To Get Started:

The best place to start is by joining the email group. In the email group, you and I can establish a connection, you can get access to all the latest content, and you get my 5 Common Mistakes That Will Kill Your Blog for free.